"Through divorce mediation you can retain control over the decision-making process and save thousands of dollars in lawyer fees."-Jo Ann Shartrand

 Divorce mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process by which divorcing couples meet with a legal professional to work on a voluntary, compromised settlement of their divorce or separation.

Mediation is a non-adversarial approach to divorce and separation.

Mediation makes sense for you because:

It is significantly less expensive than the litigated option.
It allows you the ability to participate fully in all stages of the proce
The solutions are controlled by you-not by a Judge.
Children are less affected by divorce when conflict is minimized.
The divorce is resolved in a timely fashion.

Jo Ann Shartrand has extensive experience as  both a seasoned matrimonial attorney and a mediator to guide you through the decisions that you need to make to resolve the divorce in a peaceful and respectful manner. She will make sure that discussions are productive and respectful, and that each of you has a voice in the settlement. Mediations are conducted in a relaxed atmosphere, where couples can decide the amount of time they want to spend discussing issues, and what issues are important to them.

"Working with Jo Ann now for over a year, I feel she is more than a lawyer to me and my kids, but instead a friend, because she goes above and beyond because she cares for you as a person and not just another case" Lindsay L.

At Divorce and Family Mediation Center we seek creative solutions and compassionate compromises to resolve conflict, rather than court-imposed dictates. At the conclusion of the negotiations, Ms. Shartrand will draft a legally binding agreement that is tailor-made to your family, and covers parenting, support, maintenance, and the division of all marital assets and debts.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions section for specific details about all stages of the mediation process, or call Jo Ann Shartrand for a free telephone consultation.